What is love Ink?
Love Ink is a full service special occasions writing company. We specialize in creating personalized wedding vows, text for invitations, custom thank you notes, love stories for programs or wedding websites, toasts, speeches, poems and more. Love Ink offers the perfect words for any occasion.

Why do I need a coaching consultations?
For some people there is a lot of anxiety associated with writing and speaking in public. Some of this anxiety stems from a lack of confidence in your individual writing skills. Here at Love Ink, we have highly skilled professional writers who will assist you in turning your feelings and emotions into beautifully written words that will evoke tears, joy, laughter and pride. These words will sound and feel like you. Having a writing coach allows you to get the assistance you need and it relieves the stress of trying to create the perfect words on your own.

Will the words sound like my own?
Love Ink specializes in creating one of a kind pieces that reflect our clients personal thoughts and feelings. Every line that is created is designed to specifically match your tone and style. Your writing coach will assist you according to the level of involvement that you feel comfortable with.

How much does your service cost?
Love Ink’s writing services are extremely affordable and customizable. You can design your own package based on your needs and finances. We offer custom packages as well as hourly writing consultations.

How does it work?
The Love Ink writing process is simple. It all starts with your submission request form. In this form you will request your desired writing experience as well as how much assistance you will need. You will then have a one hour writing consultation either on the phone or in person. Your completed piece will then be delivered to you by your desired deadline.

“We specialize in the words that last forever.”
–C.K. Alexander, Love Ink, Founder

Photography: Amanda Geier