Hello, Nice to Meet You!



Hi, I'm C.K. Alexander Jean!

I’m an award-winning love and lifestyle journalist with big dreams and a big heart.  I'm obsessed with HGTV, my puppy, Cali, long weekend getaways with my husband, Jimmy, and I just love helping people transform their lives through writing.

I've always had a passion for writing and helping others. I was born in Los Angeles and raised in New York. I studied journalism at Howard University and received a master’s degree in digital media from Columbia University. I've spent the last 15 years working in the field of journalism as a reporter, producer, and now as a love and lifestyle editor in New York. 

What lights me up?

What's unique and special about what I do, is that I can't do it on my own. I need your stories, your special moments, your joy, and your dreams to create. You are my inspiration. This is an exciting journey where you get to go deep and explore the inner workings of yourself, while also integrating writing into your life. I have a deeply spiritual orientation that I bring to my writing coaching. My intuitive wisdom and personal experience with transformational coaching, meditation, and other wellness practices allow me to help you go deeper into your writing and discover more about yourself.

About Love Ink

Love Ink is a creative writing service that offers one-on-one, online, and group coaching to assist writers of all levels to move through whatever is blocking them—internally or externally. No job is considered too small or too large. We strive to help you develop a personal writing practice that allows you to grow both on and off the page.